She one of the world’s most successful pop-stars, but Nicki Minaj has paid tribute to a largely unknown Australian musician whose story brought her to tears.

Taking to Facebook on Monday, the iconic rapper shared an article about an Australia’s Got Talent contestant named Fletcher,14, who dedicated his performance to his 10-year-old brother who had tragically passed away in an accident.

‘This is a real tear-jerker’, wrote Nicki, 33, next to the post, which featured an image of Fletcher as well as judge Sophie Monk and Kelly Osbourne, both of whom can be seen wiping away tears.

See Nicki Minaj updates as she supports 14-year-old Australia’s Got Talent contestant

Nicki’s willingness to support young artists is perhaps unsurprising given the fact that she acted as a judge on 2013 series of American Idol.

Fletcher’s performance took place during last Sunday’s instalment of Australia’s Got Talent and made headlines thanks to the profoundly emotive context of the boy’s song.

The young singer, from the New South Wales central coast, took to the stage with his guitar and dedicated a self-written tune to his late 10-year-old brother who tragically died in an accident.

‘I am going to play a song that I have written for my brother,’ he said addressing judges Sophie, Kelly, Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and Eddie Perfect.

‘His name in Banjo and he passed away about three and a half months ago…he was 10-years-old and four years younger than me,’ the teenager continued.

The hopeful went on to explain that his sibling ‘was skating, on my board actually, in my street,’ before choking up with emotion.

Before belting out the first note of his song, which he had written, Sophie was reduced to tears.

With his eyes tightly closed, the young lad began to gracefully sing the song, which included the touching lyrics of ‘So fly, fly, live in happiness and keep that smile. You’re always with me’.

The heart-wrenching single moved the crowded studio to their feet while the four judges formed a standing ovation.

Apart from a standing ovation and cheers, Fletcher was given the tick of approval from all four judges to move onto the semi-finals.